About Science Education Today

Survey done amongst Parents and academician revealed that…

  • Learning mainly by ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ result into lack of clarity of concepts
  • Each school follows different boards
  • Many schools/institutes do not have fully equipped laboratories, which can permit students to perform experiments individually.
  • Experiments are ‘observed virtually’ through apps, without imparting any REAL experience to students
  • Sometimes experiments are performed, but in groups or demos thereby reducing exposure to individual students
  • Not enough trained teachers to teach science through experiments

How Are We Different Than Others?

  • We do not Teach science. We make students Learn science through ‘design thinking’.
  • We have created infrastructure wherein students can perform experiments individually and sequentially.
  • We have designed syllabus as well as laboratory, to make it available at every student’s doorstep.
  • ‘Training minds’ to make them learn by themselves which would help them to prepare for Engineering, Medical Entrance and other competitive exams

Our Solution

  • Detailed analysis of 17 Boards across the world and particularly NCERT syllabus
  • Science concepts put in proper sequence from Grade 5 to Grade 7 (Grade 8 onwards coming soon)
  • Sequential designing of experiments from Grade 5 to Grade 7 (Grade 8 onwards coming soon)
  • Content is vetted by teachers preparing students for Engineering, Medical Entrance and other competitive exams

Salient Features

  • Level 1 for fundamental/basic scientific concepts, Level 2 for advance or better understanding of basic concepts and Level 3 for application-based science.
  • Videos to explain procedures of experiments and theory related to it.
  • Provision of lab materials through “My Lab” (Science Cabinet) and Experiment Kits
  • Evaluation and acknowledgement of performance





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