Dear Parent and Student,

YOSL India is committed to take science education to every doorstep, so that every student can gain access to huge potential which science offers to him/her. It shall also help in strengthening students’ base for medical, engineering entrance and other competitive exams. At the click of few buttons, wealth of scientific experiments will be available to you. Let us understand how the programme will work for you. Upon clicking on the ‘Subscription’, you will have to select the Grade in which the student is studying. The programme has been designed with 2 levels of experiments i.e. Level 1 (covering basic science topics) and Level 2 (aimed towards understanding complexity of basic concepts which would help for competitive examination preparations). Once you select the Grade and Level/s, you need to subscribe for the course as follows:

Sr.No. Particulars Purchase Option Remark
1 Educational Material (EM) Mandatory Refer Note 1
2 Experiment Kits (EK) FREE with Educational Material Refer Note 2
3 Basic Apparatus (BA) Optional Refer Note 3
4 Special Apparatus (SA) Optional Refer Note 4
5 My Lab (ML) Optional Refer Note 5

Note 1 - Educational Material (EM) : This is mandatory and contains comprehensive course material in the form of video tutorials and pdf files. You can perform experiments easily just by referring to the course material. Frequent quizzes will be conducted to monitor student’s progress as well as program benefits.

Note 2 - Experiment Kits (EK) : Experiment Kits are essential to perform experiments and activities. These Kits shall be shipped to your doorstep ‘Free of Cost’ along with the Education Material (EM) at regular intervals in line with flow of experiments. Experiments and the flow have been designed specifically for each Grade.

Note 3 - Basic Apparatus (BA) : In order to perform experiments using Experiment Kits, you must have Basic Apparatus available with you. You can order Basic Apparatus while subscribing for the course for the first time only. The basic apparatus would be useful to you for entire programme from Grade 5 to Grade 7.

Note 4 – Special Apparatus (SA) : There are some experiments or activities which shall require some special tools or apparatus like microscope, heating apparatus etc. You may buy it from any place/supplier of your choice however these items also are available for purchase under this section.

Note 5 – My Lab (ML) : Will it not be better if you have a dedicated place in your house wherein you can store all your apparatus, kits and also perform the experiments without making any special arrangements every time? Keeping this in mind, we have designed a unique cabinet which can take care of all these requirements. It is very easy to install and can be mounted anywhere in your house at your preferred location. You can be one of the proud owners of “My Lab”.

We thank you for taking your time and reading the above. Now you can proceed with filling up the Subscription Form.

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